Croatia and Beyond: How to Spend a Week in the Balkans

If you’re like us, you don’t have large blocks of time reserved for world travel—which can make planning a trip to a gorgeous region like the Balkans difficult because there are so many beautiful spots to choose from. On this particular trip, we decided to explore Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Montenegro—and we hadContinue reading “Croatia and Beyond: How to Spend a Week in the Balkans”

6 Things to Do in Porto

Portugal is one of our favorite destinations. This beautiful country has fantastic beaches, mountains and valleys, cities and nightlife, culture and cuisine. On our last trip we decided to spend 4 nights in Porto and the surrounding area, and we had such a great time! Here are some tips for what to do in Portugal’sContinue reading “6 Things to Do in Porto”

10 Tips for Traveling from the U.S. to Europe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Planning an international trip can be a bit stressful these days, especially since the rules might change at any minute. But we recently had an amazing trip to Europe and recommend just doing some research and practicing some patience. Was it hard to navigate European travel in the times of COVID? No, at least notContinue reading “10 Tips for Traveling from the U.S. to Europe During the COVID-19 Pandemic”

6 Tips to See the World in Style on a Budget

My friends know that they can tell me their budget, preferred destinations and travel style, and I’ll find them the trip of a lifetime that’s right for them. Being able to travel is definitely a privilege. For many though, cutting back on a few frivolous expenditures each week can fund an amazing trip. Here are the strategies and tools we use.

Why I Over Plan My World Travel

My first trip to Europe in 1998 was an organized educational excursion for class credit. The experience was vastly different from my second trek, a year later, when I grabbed a backpack and a Let’s Go Europe book and took off into the world with my college boyfriend without a plan. It didn’t turn out the way I hoped! Here’s why.

4 Top Things to Do in Lisbon

We overuse the word amazing as a descriptor, and that’s because the world is amazing! Lisbon was no exception … but it can be more aptly described as magical. The old-school trams glide up and down the hilly historic district. Narrow alleyways open up to breathtaking views of castles and cathedrals. Small shops serve theContinue reading “4 Top Things to Do in Lisbon”

The Golden Circle, Iceland

Although the golden circle wasn’t our favorite part of the trip, it was really interesting and well worth it! The trek around the sights included the usual characteristic of the “must see” places around the world: large crowds and long boarded walkways, overpriced gift shops, obese birds dining on littered junk food, etc. BUT theContinue reading “The Golden Circle, Iceland”

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