Center City, Philadelphia. Home.

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The Dying Gaul Filled My Heart with Joy

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I was absolutely thrilled, as I was walking along the National Mall, to see an ad for The Dying Gaul on exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. This is the sculpture that made me fall in love with Greek art (even if it is actually a Roman replica of a bronze sculpture).

The raw emotion, physical pain & beauty, and psychological defeat that are presented in this incredible work of art are what make the Hellenistic period so moving.

This sculpture hasn’t left Rome since the 1700s. What an amazing surprise to discover it in my own backyard today!

~ LiAnn

Making Lemonade out of Vancouver

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So, I’m trying out this whole blogging thing. Bare with me. My big plan for Vancouver was to rent a car and thoroughly explore the great outdoors of British Columbia. Mother Nature apparently had other plans. Still, I had an amazing day!

Pretend you can see the gorgeous mountains behind me!

I started off with a great breakfast at an eclectic little cafe called the Elbow Room (very different from the one in Fort Lauderdale). Fortunately the rain cleared up for a few hours – it was still too foggy for true exploration, but I had a fantastic walk through Stanley Park and a look through the very extensive aquarium therein. Coolest aquarium residents: beluga whales!

The rain started up again just in time for me to duck into the Vancouver Art Gallery, which had an incredible collection of Canadian art.

Now I’m going to check out the Blue Water Cafe, which is supposed to have the best seafood in Vancouver. We’ll see…

…and it did! I had a delicious dinner at Blue Water Cafe: Arctic Char with crab and caviar. Fantastic! Followed by a local goat cheese (I’ve had better) – the service was great, and as a solo diner, I loved that I could sit at the raw bar and watch the sushi being rolled. Lovely!  

I totally hugged this Ent