Is an Overnight Stay in Greenland Worth It?

Wow! We weren’t sure what to expect from the overnight trip we took to Kulusuk, Greenland 🇬🇱 from Reykjavik, Iceland 🇮🇸. We honestly booked the trip for the novelty of going to Greenland—a giant island that is so unknown to most travelers. We really wanted to see icebergs and a totally different terrain and way of life. It did not disappoint. The early September weather was beautiful, though cold and windy and a little rainy at first. Overall, we had perfect (and even sunny) weather. We walked around town, took lots of pictures and talked to the kind people who live and work there. It was beautiful and amazing!

Being in a remote town of 200 people is fascinating. The fact that it is so breathtakingly beautiful makes it even more of a gem, though it certainly looks like life is challenging on this cold island.

There is only one hotel in town. Our room was adorable, the staff was really great, the food was good, the beds were comfortable, the shower was hot and the views were exquisite. Some people reviewed that the food and drinks were expensive but it seemed perfectly normal for us—especially considering the remote location and the fact that there wasn’t anywhere else to go. We had all the creature comforts of home on our stay with all the beauty of the wilderness. (We did bring some sandwiches with us from Reykjavik, too, since we were only staying for one night and there weren’t many options.

The flight from Reykjavik was expensive ($750 pp), but it was totally worth it to spend a night in Kulusuk. Air Iceland Connect offers day trips from Reykjavik, but it was about the same price to stay overnight and seemed like such a better option for us to explore on our own.

Our cozy little room for the night

We’ve been to more than 60 countries, and this stop was truly one of the most unique. Sometimes not having Wi-Fi and just hiking around with your partner and conversing with locals reminds you about what’s really important in life. What an amazing experience!

Of course slow travel is amazing, because it really allows you to immerse into new surroundings, but sometimes and overnight journey can also be magical.

Practical tips: You can walk to the Kulusuk Hotel from the airport. It’s the only hotel and sits just outside of town. The staff can arrange day trips for you, if you want. But we just wandered around on our own. Walking into town takes about 20 minutes. Visit the new and the old cemetery along the main road, as both are great for photos.

We also walked in the opposite direction to check out some icebergs in the bay. That was even more stunning than walking into town. We walked over lush and colorful mossy grounds to check out the icebergs at the foot of the mountains on the bay. It felt like walking through a dream or some enchanted faerie land. Most people probably just walk into town, but the hike in the opposite direction from the airport was really unbelievable and made the experience that much more unforgettable.

It was a perfect 36-hour adventure.

❤️🌎✈️ ⛰ 🌊

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