Meknes and Fez, Morocco

As we traveled north, we explored the imperial cities of Meknes and Fez, which are known for their medinas (the old quarter of an Arab city in North Africa).

I enjoyed the Meknes medina more than the one in Fez because it was open and inviting with large stands full of spices, dates, figs, and olives. The Fez medina was a narrow labyrinth full of people, donkeys, horses, and wares. Look to your right, and see a camel head hanging in front of a butcher. To your left is a shop selling almond and honey sweets. Further into the maze, you’ll find jewelry, clothing, and even a university library.

Our stop at the tannery was an interesting moment, with a stench that lingered in our clothes and nostrils for too long after!

Meknes to Fez

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