Rhinos and Tigers and Bears!

Crossing the border from India to Nepal was like finding relief on a lush deserted island in a sea of humanity. Immediately, the streets were cleaner, the people were fewer, and the scenery was greener. Cows munching garbage were replaced by goats feasting on fresh grass. Aridity was replaced with humidity, and the smog gave way to bluer skies.

After a visit to Gautama Buddha’s birthplace in Lumbini, we headed to Chitwan National Park for a few days. The lodge was wonderful, with gorgeous views, excellent food, and plenty of activities to arrange.

During our stay, we canoed past crocodiles and monkeys, spotted a rhinoceros and an eagle on a jeep safari, crossed paths with deer and wild boar on a hike through the jungle, and rode an elephant. It was amazing to be surrounded by nature and wildlife!

I admit, I was starting to regret my decision to take the jungle walk as we were listening to instructions on how to react to a charging elephant or rhinoceros, but it was too late to turn back, and quite fortunately, we didn’t run into any rhinos and tigers and bears…even though they all shared the woods with us!

Chitwan National Park, Nepal

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