Welcome to our world of adventure travel! We’re LiAnn and Theo. We’re here to share our travel tips, budget hacks, reflections and experiences after traveling to 70+ countries. Give us a follow to join us on our journey! Check out our latest blog posts here.

We’re no longer in our twenties, staying in hostels and backpacking around the world (though we sometimes wish we were). We’re not retired and setting off to see the bucket-list items (though we sometimes wish we were). We’re somewhere in the middle. We travel with a bit more luxury than we used to, but we still find the best deals for an affordable experience.

What’s our travel style? We work full time and spend every free minute and every last dollar on exploring the globe. Often times we can only take a weeklong trip and many times, we take long weekend breaks to explore amazing cities that are anywhere from an hour to 8-hours away by plane from our home in Washington, D.C. On these quick trips we want to make the whole travel experience enjoyable, from airport rides and lounges to premium flight experiences and comfy accommodations in the heart of the action. We use credit card benefits, points, fare alerts and other tools to get the most value for our money.

Life is short and the world is beautiful—we want to see as much of it as we can, while we can.

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