It’s All Rainbows and Waterfalls!

My new tour started in Buenos Aries. Such a great city, yet I didn’t see much of it. I think sometimes when you have a lot of time somewhere, you tend to waste more of it. I suppose I will have to visit Buenos Aries again someday!

After Buenos Aries, we spent two days exploring Iguazu Falls on the border of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. The first day, we walked around the Brazil side, and on the second day, we hiked through the expansive Argentine side. It was the most beautiful and enjoyable nature walk I could imagine! I had no idea how expansive and majestic the falls would be. To me there is just something about natural wonders that far surpasses the awe that even the greatest human-made structure can inspire.

Now we’re on our way to Paraty, on the coast of Brazil, a few hours drive from São Paulo. I’m hoping to have nice weather tomorrow for kayaking through the mangroves.

Minor mishap #3: This morning was a seriously early start: out of the hotel by 4 am! Unfortunately, we got to the airport only to find that our direct flight had been cancelled, and we will have to fly an alternate route. It seems to be just a two hour delay. At least the hotel this morning was kind enough to set out coffee and fruit for us.

There are a few travelers here that need to learn to roll with it, but I’m glad this travel delay didn’t upset the majority of my tour-mates. You have to expect these things! The last few days have been so amazing, it doesn’t seem right to let a travel delay consume your mind. This is precisely what earbuds are for…zoning out to some tunes, feeling good.

Writing from a very small airport in Brazil

~ LiAnn

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