Take My Breath Away

Traveling on the northern edge of Patagonia was absolutely stunning. The views will take your breath away, and the fresh, crisp air will restore it. No words or pictures can adequately describe this experience, and it has enticed me to one day explore the southern parts of the region.

Rain, fog, and wind alternated with warm, beautiful sunshine and freezing cold. The weather mostly worked in our favor, as we had a clear, sunny day upon arrival to explore a volcano and take in the gorgeous view from our hotel in Puerto Varas, Chile. I didn’t mind the rain and fog on the following day, since it allowed me to relax, read, and write while watching the storm from the rustic and cozy hotel lounge.

On our third day in the region, we crossed the Andes and a series of lakes from Chile into Argentina. This was a 12 hour journey that alternated between bus and boat and back again. Although we experienced some fog in the morning, it was clear enough to take in the lush, green mountains that slipped into crystal blue water.

The weather turned for the worse during the evening portion of the trek, with cold winds and rain, but I’m glad we had the morning to enjoy the scenery. We arrived cold, wet, and hungry to our hotel in Bariloche, which was beautiful, warm, and welcoming.

It was supposed to storm the whole time we were in Bariloche, but instead we had quite a bit of sunshine over the lake and pre-Andes that surround it. How lucky!

I built my trip around visiting this area, and I’m so glad I did. I highly recommend visiting here, but it should be planned for when precipitation is low and temperatures are warm, so you can soak up all the beauty!

Somewhere over Argentina

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