From British Columbia to Bangkok to Bali

One of the most magical things to me is standing in the international terminal of an airport and looking at all the departures on the screen, knowing the world is at my fingertips. Some of the cities I’ve been to, and others are on my list. I watch each name sparkle and think of the memories I earned there or will perhaps acquire in the future.

I started this trip two months ago in Vancouver, and I just departed Bali–what a perfect way to end my adventure through Asia. After countless planes, trains, and boats, it was nice to relax on a beautiful island. Ubud was fantastic, from the crazy pathway to our villa with the 100 foot drop into the river to the $30, 3-hour spa treatments. In one day in Bali, I saw my dad feed a live chicken to a Komodo Dragon, drank coffee made from cat poo, explored temples and rice terraces, had lunch by a volcano, and watched good battle evil over fire light and ancient chants. Amazing!

Our villa in Lovina was absolutely beautiful, but a little too remote (and the beach was dirty – complete with roaming chickens and dogs…hahaha), so I was forced to pass the time reading trashy vampire books by the pool, going into town for massages and enjoying wine in our little hut while watching the sunset over the Bali Sea.

As I sit in the Hong Kong airport, ready to embark on my journey home, a part of me just wants to run out the exit door and stay in Hong Kong forever. Still, another part of me is ready for home. Perhaps I will compromise and hide out in Chinatown for a while when I get to San Francisco 🙂

I’ve already been on the road for 11 hours, and I have at least 16 more before I get to my hotel room in California. My bones ache and my internal clock is trying to figure out if it’s night or day. Travel is tough. But the truth is, when you look back on the adventure, you don’t remember how cold it was in Beijing or how unbearably hot it was in Bangkok. You don’t remember nearly peeing your pants on the bumpy bus ride to the temple in Chiang Mai or having the flu in Yangshou.

You remember clinking glasses with your new friends while overlooking the Hong Kong skyline from the highest bar in the world. You remember having your “wow moment” at the Great Wall of China. You remember learning important lessons from history and paying respects to fallen soldiers and the victims of massacre. You remember absorbing culture, meeting new people from all over the world, becoming an expert bargainer in the markets, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Most importantly, you remember the amazing journey. Thanks to everyone who was a part of my journey. I will remember it always.

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