Bangkok: Um, is the water festival a cultural event?

Call me silly, but I had this image in my mind that Bangkok would look very much like the opening scene of Anna and the King. Surprisingly, it has changed over the last several hundred years. Hahahaha!

This weekend is the new year festival. The streets are full of house music, PEOPLE, and supersoakers. It is insanely fantastic. The old, the young and the very young alike are dancing, drinking and having a citywide water fight.

My favorite moment on this trip just happened about an hour ago. I was sitting by the window in a restaurant having a delicious Thai dinner. There was a beautiful little Thai girl, maybe about 4 years old, causing some mayhem with her water gun. I took a picture of her through the window. She saw me, let out a battler cry, pumped her gun, and soaked the window over my face! Out of nowhere, my anonymous avenger came up and dumped a bucket of water over her head. Saved!

The music, the crowds, and the screams on the street are getting more intense and it’s only 7PM. Welcome to Bangkok!

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