I heart shanghai

Shanghai has been my favorite city so far on the trip. The bright lights, high fashion, and metropolitan feel make this a wonderfully international city. In some ways it reminds me of Vegas with lots of neon lights illuminating the roadways and high-rises. The streets are full of sightseers and partygoers at night. It is vibrant and filled with energy.

We went to a Chinese acrobatic show last night. It was very Cirque. However, I liked it a bit more than Cirque in some ways. Cirque has a great deal of stage effects and set detail, the absence of which, here, better showcased the performers’ talent. The performances were not flawless, but only because they absolutely pushed the limits of human capability. They made the nearly impossible look simple. It was really amazing!

We are now leaving Shanghai and heading to Yangshou in Southern China.

9-April-12 3:45 PM

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