Make the best out of rain on your wedding day

Group Tour to China

Contiki China Adventure Tour Review Well, my Contiki days are over now but after traveling with 8 Contiki Tours (Italian Espresso, Eastern Mediterranean Cruise, Greece & Italy, Middle Europe, Spanish Spree, Big Indochina, Thai Island Hopper, and China Adventure, whew!), I feel confident saying that the China Adventure is the very best Contiki has toContinue reading “Group Tour to China”

The Dying Gaul Filled My Heart with Joy

I was absolutely thrilled, as I was walking along the National Mall, to see an ad for The Dying Gaul on exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. This is the sculpture that made me fall in love with Greek art (even if it is actually a Roman replica of a bronze sculpture). The rawContinue reading “The Dying Gaul Filled My Heart with Joy”

The Wailing Wall in Israel was overwhelming and unforgettable

This is one of my favorite photos from my travels. I usually approach religious sites with academic curiosity, but the energy I felt at the wailing wall in Israel was overwhelming and unforgettable. I watched from afar as many individuals approached the wall, put their hands on it, poured their faith into it, and quietlyContinue reading “The Wailing Wall in Israel was overwhelming and unforgettable”

Reflecting on Travel and Pantheism

“To me, nature is sacred. Trees are my temples and forests are my cathedrals.” ~ Mikhail Gorbachev I wrote an entire blog entry on Pantheism, then shied away from posting it. Instead, I will end my journey through the east with some reflective thoughts and an overtly Pantheistic theme. For the last five years, I’veContinue reading “Reflecting on Travel and Pantheism”

Everything in Australia will Kill You!

Somewhere along the the way, I learned that everything in Australia is venomous and will lead to your painful death and/or dismemberment. This goes beyond the obvious snake or spider – or even a deadly shark or crocodile – it also includes pretty shell fish, trees, leaves…perhaps even tour managers and killer strawberries. Still, thisContinue reading “Everything in Australia will Kill You!”