Travel Tip #3: Look at the bulkhead seating on SW

If you are a solo traveler on #Southwest don’t forget to check the bulkhead! SW was amazing at accommodating is when LiAnn broke her ankle. Often times there’s a special-needs traveler (like she was when we realized this) and a companion sitting in the bulkhead seats, which leaves an aisle or a window seat open,Continue reading “Travel Tip #3: Look at the bulkhead seating on SW”

Remembering Pop

My grandfather was a quiet man with a snarky sense of humor, but what he was more than anything was good man who cared about his family. I remember being a kid and walking around our 10 acre property with him in upstate Pennsylvania. He taught me all about the trees. I remember one thatContinue reading “Remembering Pop”

Travel Tip #2: Buy A Universal Adapter

Don’t leave home without this universal travel adapter. I take it with my everywhere I go—domestically and internationally. Not only does it work in every country, but it also has two USB ports and a regular plug, so I can charge my phone, earbuds and laptop all at once. Sometimes it’s hard to find moreContinue reading “Travel Tip #2: Buy A Universal Adapter”

How I Traveled to 3 Climates in Peru with Only a Personal Item and a Purse

Here’s how I’ve mastered the art of packing light. I’ve included some of my favorite travel accessories, which are all available on Amazon. I do not get compensated for sharing these items (though maybe I should). I simply want to help travelers get around easier by packing right and packing light. It’s life changing! OverContinue reading “How I Traveled to 3 Climates in Peru with Only a Personal Item and a Purse”

Finca Montania Sagrada on Valentine’s Day

Not much of a Valentine’s Day celebrator, but when your new friends from Nicaragua, Italy, Germany, California and Austin welcome you to Ometepe with love, dance and drink .. and maybe even a flower or two, you celebrate. Much love ❤️ Finca Montania Sagrada Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua February 14, 2017