Our 2017 Travels in Pictures

2017 was an incredible year of travel for us! We hope to keep the momentum going in 2018. Happy New Year and happy travels!

Into the Dark

I always find it hard to fall asleep. As an insomniac, I know all about the bumps in the night. Sometimes they frighten me. But at the same time, the night has always inspired and energized me. I love the sounds of the night creatures. As a teenager, I loved the feel of the coldContinue reading “Into the Dark”

Machu Picchu was just as I imagined: Beautiful. Ancient. Inspiring.

I was first introduced to Machu Picchu when I read the Celestine Prophecy nearly 20 years ago. From that point on, I wanted to visit Peru. It seemed inaccessible at the time, but that didn’t stop me from dreaming. I imagined hiking the Inca Trail and watching the sunrise over the historic site. I imaginedContinue reading “Machu Picchu was just as I imagined: Beautiful. Ancient. Inspiring.”

13 course tasting at Maido in Lima

Our 13 course dinner tonight at Maido in Lima was one of the best meals of my life. The flavors were phenomenal and complex without being over the top. The service was top notch and the atmosphere was elegant, yet still comfortable and casual. This was a meal to remember. Amazing! 21-Aug-2017 Lima, Peru

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