We stayed at an amazing finca on Ometepe, Nicaragua

When we arrived at Finca Montania Sagrada, we were greeted by about 5 lovely little chihuahuas, two bigger dogs and a few cats. We were hungry after the somewhat long journey from San Juan del Sur, so after we checked in, we headed down the hill to get some lunch. We stopped at Margarita’s restaurant,Continue reading “We stayed at an amazing finca on Ometepe, Nicaragua”

Finca Montania Sagrada on Valentine’s Day

Not much of a Valentine’s Day celebrator, but when your new friends from Nicaragua, Italy, Germany, California and Austin welcome you to Ometepe with love, dance and drink .. and maybe even a flower or two, you celebrate. Much love ❤️ Finca Montania Sagrada Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua February 14, 2017

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