The sounds of the rainforest. Costa Rica

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Our hike through the Monteverde Cloud Forest was incredible. Costa Rica

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Our hike through the Monteverde Cloud Forest was incredible. Just as in Manuel Antonio, we got there when the park opened and had the trails to ourselves while everyone else waited for their guides by the entrance.

This was one of the coolest nature walks I’ve ever experienced, even though it was too “cloudy” to see anything from the lookout points.

The misty forest rained consistently, but the dense canopy kept us comfortably covered. We spotted a few agoutis and our favorite Costa
Rican friend, the white faced coati.
Although most of the forest critters were hiding from the rain, we heard the most interesting bird calls.

Our experience is better watched and listened to than read about – so I will post a few videos!

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We had another amazing day in Nepal when we arrived in Pokhara. We woke up early to watch the sunrise over the Himalayas. Next, we paddled a boat across the lake and hiked to a Buddhist stupa (shrine) at the top of a steep foothill (the little dot on the hill above the lake, pictured here).

The hike was a bit challenging, but the gorgeous stupa and breathtaking views made it well worth the climb. It also felt great to get some exercise and to get out on the water for a paddle. Perhaps I’ll find a career as a ferry-woman!

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As we walked to the falls, and before we could see them, everything reminded me of my summers growing up in Pennsylvania. The air was warm and humid, the trees were thick and green, and the sound of mating insects rang in my ears like a lost lullaby. It made me smile, to think about all those years spent exploring the woods in Southampton.