The final stop on the South American portion of my trip was Brazil’s capital city of Brasilia, which is known for it’s unique architectural designs, primarily created by Oscar Niemeyer. The city was very different from the other South American capitals I visited – with open spaces, lots of green parks, and of course, theContinue reading

As we walked to the falls, and before we could see them, everything reminded me of my summers growing up in Pennsylvania. The air was warm and humid, the trees were thick and green, and the sound of mating insects rang in my ears like a lost lullaby. It made me smile, to think aboutContinue reading

After our three hour exploration of the Brazil side of Iguazu Falls, I didn’t know why we were going back for seven more hours the next day. I didn’t realize we had only been to the area in the upper left corner of this map! The following day on the Argentine side was even moreContinue reading

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