Our Top 5 Travel Destinations on a Time and Money Budget

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We love to travel as often and to as many places as possible. So we like to book trips for as cheap as possible without sacrificing too much comfort. After all, the less we spend, the more trips we can take. BUT we usually can only take one week off at a time (sometime a week and a half) so we will pay more for faster transportation, convenient flights and extra comfort on the road. We don’t stay in hostels, nor do we take long rides on the chicken bus—but those are great options for travelers who are on a tight budget and want to have an amazing adventure! We spend a little money for speed and comfort since we are vacation travelers rather than slow travelers at the moment. But we want to show you the experiences you can get by just saving a little bit each week.

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

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San Juan is beautiful! The people are so friendly. The beaches are gorgeous and the food is delicious.

We had an amazing day today. We really wanted to get out of San Juan for just one day on our short trip here, so we decided that El Yunque National Forest would be our destination.

We didn’t want to deal with the hassle of renting a car in a place known for not following road rules (we had our fill of that in Costa Rica)! So we hired a guide who took us to a market and then into the forests.

It was an adventure! We waded though streams and crossed slippery rocks and climbed up muddy trails before jumping into a pool at the foot of a waterfall.

If we had been more adventurous, we could have tried the rope swings or natural water slides. But swimming in the cool, refreshing water below the fall was enough for us!

We stopped at a few beaches and had some empanadas and fresh juice on the way back.

It was a wonderful day. Our guide, Manuel, was super cool and knowledgeable and very helpful to me in getting through the tricky parts of the hike.

We went through Across Caribe and highly recommend it! http://www.acrosscaribe.com/#!el-yunque-rainforest-tours/cppa