The Argentine side of Iguazu Falls

After our three hour exploration of the Brazil side of Iguazu Falls, I didn’t know why we were going back for seven more hours the next day. I didn’t realize we had only been to the area in the upper left corner of this map! The following day on the Argentine side was even moreContinue reading

Tour Review: G Adventures Southern Discovery (or Southern Explorer Part 1)

This trip could be done individually as the Southern Discovery or together with Southern Highlights as the Southern Explorer. Each part runs from Saturday to Saturday, so it’s designed well for Americans who can only take a week off from work at a time. I was on the Southern Explorer, but I decided to splitContinue reading “Tour Review: G Adventures Southern Discovery (or Southern Explorer Part 1)”

Take My Breath Away

Traveling on the northern edge of Patagonia was absolutely stunning. The views will take your breath away, and the fresh, crisp air will restore it. No words or pictures can adequately describe this experience, and it has enticed me to one day explore the southern parts of the region. Rain, fog, and wind alternated withContinue reading “Take My Breath Away”

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