Got a friend? Go to Nicaragua for $1k each

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The world is more accessible than some people think, and traveling through its great lands helps us to see that we are all one big tribe with the same hopes and fears. The idea of world travel is exciting–it can be scary and costly too. BUT it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how we had a wonderful week in Nicaragua for a grand each. We promise there are no chicken buses or hostels involved!!! Although, that can be a great way to travel too!

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Our hike through the Monteverde Cloud Forest was incredible. Costa Rica

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Our hike through the Monteverde Cloud Forest was incredible. Just as in Manuel Antonio, we got there when the park opened and had the trails to ourselves while everyone else waited for their guides by the entrance.

This was one of the coolest nature walks I’ve ever experienced, even though it was too “cloudy” to see anything from the lookout points.

The misty forest rained consistently, but the dense canopy kept us comfortably covered. We spotted a few agoutis and our favorite Costa
Rican friend, the white faced coati.
Although most of the forest critters were hiding from the rain, we heard the most interesting bird calls.

Our experience is better watched and listened to than read about – so I will post a few videos!

Six Hours to Nowhere. Costa Rica

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Today was a total failure, but they can’t all be perfect travel days, right?!

After three days of relaxing on the beach, we were ready to put the 4-wheel drive to use and explore Palo Verde National Park – home to birds, monkeys, crocodiles and other Costa Rican critters.

We carefully planned, consulted the concierge, plugged the destination into the GPS, and had a map for back up – nonetheless, after hours of driving on pothole filled, unpaved backroads, we hit a dead end at the river we intended to explore, but there were no boat guides or park entrances as promised.

After looping around every possible path on the conflicting directions of locals, we finally gave up and decided to check out a surfing beach with a cool little bar we heard about…

…several hours and several thousand potholes later, we arrived at the cool little bar, which was closed for the season. Ugh! Time to turn around and go back over the unpaved roads.

Finally, we decided just to go to Tamarindo, the most populated beach point in the area, to have some lunch.

When we were almost there, the car started making a funny noise. We gave up and drove back to our hotel. Tired, hungry, and disappointed, we wait the car rental company’s arrival with (hopefully) a replacement vehicle.

Eh, it’s all part of the adventure!