6 Things We Loved About Medellín

Medellín is a beautiful city with gorgeous views and lots of interesting things to explore. We spent two full days wandering the city, and despite continuous rain being in the forecast, we had 48 nearly-rain-free hours to get to know Medellín. Here are our highlights.

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9 Tips for Traveling the World with Only a Personal Item

Sometimes a handbag comes along too

We see travel tips all the time for packing light and think: That’s still too much! If you can’t fit it all under the seat in front of you, then you haven’t packed light enough. We pack so light that we frequently get stopped at customs and asked if we forgot our bags. Nope! We just don’t like to be weighed down. It doesn’t matter how long or in what season we are traveling. The only time we bring an extra bag is when we need our snorkeling gear or drone 😁 And even that goes in a small, easy to manage carryon.

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4 Truths About Real Travel

Daydreams of world travel often feature champagne greetings, comfy first-class seats, romantic train rides with stunning scenery, moderate hikes to gorgeous vistas, and contemplative strolls through historic sites that connect your soul with antiquity.

But, yeah, you know where we’re going with this one, right?

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My HuffPost Article on Surviving ICU

I just wanted to share my HuffPost Personal article here. This is why I travel like there’s no tomorrow and savor every minute I spend with my loved ones. ~ LiAnn

I Spent 4 Weeks Near Death In The ICU. Here’s What I Learned Struggling For My Life. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/near-death-icu_n_5c6efd0ae4b0e2f4d8a3ecf1

5 Tips for Traveling to El Tunco, El Salvador

Many times, when international travelers set out to explore Central America, they start with Costa Rica and Belize. Perhaps they check out the Tikal ruins in Guatemala and the beaches of Roatan, Honduras and Bocas del Toro, Panama. The adventurous wanderer might continue on to Nicaragua’s colonial city, Granada, or island beauty, Ometepe. Us, too! But many travelers overlook El Salvador. That’s precisely why we went and WOW!

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How Many Countries Have You Visited? What Actually Makes the List?

This seems like an easy question to answer, but it’s definitely not. What counts as a country? The most agreed upon answer is the United Nations list of sovereign states, but even that is teeming with political controversy.

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How to Travel the Galápagos Without a Cruise

We just spent four wonderful nights in the Galápagos Islands without leaving the main hub of Puerto Ayora. 🌴 It took us a while to plan a trip here because we mistakenly thought you needed to take a cruise or guided tour to enjoy the islands. But that’s not the case—we had a blast exploring everything Santa Cruz Island had to offer.

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Our Top 5 Travel Destinations on a Time and Money Budget

We love to travel as often and to as many places as possible. So we like to book trips for as cheap as possible without sacrificing too much comfort. After all, the less we spend, the more trips we can take. BUT we usually can only take one week off at a time (sometime a week and a half) so we will pay more for faster transportation, convenient flights and extra comfort on the road. We don’t stay in hostels, nor do we take long rides on the chicken bus—but those are great options for travelers who are on a tight budget and want to have an amazing adventure! We spend a little money for speed and comfort since we are vacation travelers rather than slow travelers at the moment. But we want to show you the experiences you can get by just saving a little bit each week.

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