An American Vegetarian in China

So, I was a vegetarian for 11 years. I’ve been eating chicken for two years now and over the last few months have introduced a little more meat into my diet to prepare for China. I’m sorry to say, after tonight, I may revert back to vegetarianism.

I tried duck and some unidentifiable dishes. I was more adventurous with food then I ever have been. I only made it through appetizers before I had to quit. Ugh, I tried! Really it was just too greasy. The little duck I tasted reminded me of eel. Not bad, but not something I could eat in quantity.

Tomorrow we’re off to the great wall.

When in Peking, try the duck!

Wow, I’m not in Kansas anymore and it’s incredible. The pollution is so bad here – everything is filthy and you can see the particles in the air as you breath them in. It’s like LA times 1,000. I know I could never love this city because of it. But it’s so cool too: the outdoor markets, the architecture, the style of dress, etc. It’s all so very different and fascinating.

Food has been a challenge. For breakfast this morning, I settled on two hard boiled eggs and a ton of bread after trying a bite of everything else and quickly vowing to never, ever have another bite! I’m glad I missed out on dinner in the market last night: scorpion on a stick – possibly still alive. Now I’m really glad I’m carrying around a small pharmacy with me! Tonight I’ll try duck for the first time.

Today we toured the forbidden city and went to the 798 art district – a very cool collection of art galleries by local artists in a warehouse district – reminded me of the one in Leipzig 🙂 We also went to the Olympic stadium.

Most of the tourists here are Chinese, so as westerners, we stand out. Many of the tourists are looking at us as much as they are looking at the sites. Some want their pictures taken with our group.

I have a room to myself on this tour. Sweet! And I met two lovely ladies who will be trekking with me all the way through to Hanoi, Vietnam. Nice!

Now it’s time to try the Peking duck!