Croatia and Beyond: How to Spend a Week in the Balkans

If you’re like us, you don’t have large blocks of time reserved for world travel—which can make planning a trip to a gorgeous region like the Balkans difficult because there are so many beautiful spots to choose from. On this particular trip, we decided to explore Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Montenegro—and we had one of the best adventures of all our travels together.

Here’s how we spent a week exploring 4 Balkan countries without feeling like we rushed the trip or overextended ourselves.

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5 Top Places to Go in Belize

Belize is such a beautiful country with so many amazing destinations for travelers—so you might have a hard time choosing a spot or two for your first visit to this Central American, Caribbean nation. Hopefully our experiences can help you narrow it down.

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6 Things to Do in Porto

Portugal is one of our favorite destinations. This beautiful country has fantastic beaches, mountains and valleys, cities and nightlife, culture and cuisine.

On our last trip we decided to spend 4 nights in Porto and the surrounding area, and we had such a great time! Here are some tips for what to do in Portugal’s second largest city, particularly if you’re a wino like we are 🍷😁

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10 Tips for Traveling from the U.S. to Europe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Planning an international trip can be a bit stressful these days, especially since the rules might change at any minute. But we recently had an amazing trip to Europe and recommend just doing some research and practicing some patience.

Was it hard to navigate European travel in the times of COVID? No, at least not if you’re full vaccinated and willing to take a bunch of rapid tests. Travel takes a bit more planning, some extra Euros and a little luck. Here are our tips for the fully vaccinated.

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8 Places to Visit in Costa Rica

We just returned from another trip to Costa Rica and already are plotting our next journey through this lush, beautiful land that is teeming with wildlife viewing, hiking, fishing, swimming, surfing and other opportunities for adventure. Here are some recommendations for what to see and do based on our experiences.

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Here’s a Q&A with LiAnn on her travel inspiration

What’s it like to be a world traveler? How did we catch the travel bug? What advice do we have for new travelers? Check out this awesome series from Riana at Teaspoon of Adventure. LiAnn and other globe trekkers share their experiences:

Incredible sunset at our airstream in Edgecomb, Maine

Our Favorite Stays Around the World for Less than $100 a Night

We’ve had some amazing adventures as we explored the great outdoors of the United States over the last 15 months from the safety and isolation of our own rental car (or our old reliable Subaru Forester). But one thing that always shocks us about U.S. travel is how expensive (and crappy) hotels are. A rundown motor lodge on the side of the highway with stale bread for breakfast costs at least $150 a night. That same crappy room will cost $250 or more if it’s close to a popular national park. Yuck!

You don’t want to know how much we paid for a room with this view in Connecticut!

So we wanted to share our favorite stays from around the world that cost less than $100 a night (including all taxes and fees). Of course, prices change over time and vary depending on the time of year, but this is what we paid.

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Where to Eat in London

London is one of our favorite cities, and it’s so hard to believe we were wandering her streets, fighting through holiday crowds, eating street food and going to live music venues in December 2019—just a few months before the pandemic changed the world.

As we reminisce about that trip and dream of international travel, we thought we’d share some of our favorite restaurant experiences from our last trip. A local will certainly provide better insights into off-the-beaten-path treasures—but here are some popular spots showcasing the variety of cuisine available that a first time visitor is bound to enjoy.

We walked to all these places from our Soho hotel except for Borough Market—we hopped an Uber for that. Note that some places are temporarily closed or only offering takeout right now.

1. Borough Market

You’ll find Borough Market near the top of many travelers’ London itinerary. Wander through the many shops and food stalls to find exactly what you’re in the mood to eat, whether that’s scotch eggs, cheese toasties, oysters, tapas, pastries or something else entirely, you’ll find it here.

After lunch, we explored the Southwark area a bit before crossing the Thames and checking out the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge.

2. Punjab Restaurant

You can’t go to London without trying the best Indian food outside of India. Punjab is a North Indian restaurant in the Covent Garden area that has been around since 1946 and has the most amazing cuisine and excellent staff. You may have to wait in line for a table (or order takeout during the pandemic) but the line moved quickly, and it’s well worth the wait anyway.

3. Patara Soho

Patara is an international chain that serves up contemporary Thai dishes in an elaborately decorated dinning room that sets the perfect ambiance to begin or end a night out on the town. You will find traditional Thai dishes, modern interpretations and tastes from other Southeast Asian regions on the menu.

4. Radio Rooftop

We had a plan when we arrived on our early morning flight into London: drop our bags at the hotel and find a place for brunch with a view. The idea was to keep ourselves entertained and distracted from the jet lag until we could check in and take a nap. Radio Rooftop is a swanky bar and restaurant at the top of the ME Hotel and was a short walk from our accommodations. The brunch menu was fantastic, as were the cocktails and the view.

5. Dog and Duck

You can’t go to London for the first time without trying fish and chips, a game pie or chicken tikka masala, right? Our hotel was right next door to this wonderful, traditional pub with a tiny dinning room on the second floor. Dog and Duck has delicious ales and pub food, including vegetarian options, and is located in the heart of everything.

Bonus: Where to Stay

We stayed at Mimi’s Hotel Soho and can’t recommend it enough. Mimi’s, like Dog and Duck next door, offers the perfect central location. The hotel has an amazing staff, a great little bar and comfortable rooms—and it’s surprisingly affordable for the location. The rooms are tiny and some don’t have windows, but that’s all very clear in the description, so make sure you read carefully before you book. We got the Lux room with a window, and it had all the space we needed including a foyer!

The lux room with window at Mimi’s was perfect for our stay!

What are your favorite hot spots in London? Let us know in the comments.

How to Spend a Week in Alaska Without a Cruise

The vast and diverse terrain of Alaska is impossible to explore in its entirety. We barely scratched the surface—and we didn’t even leave the beaten path—but we still had a genuine and unforgettable experience. Here’s what we did on our first road trip to the last frontier.

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