How to Get to Ometepe, Nicaragua

Our stay at the finca (farm) on Isla de Ometepe has been an absolutely phenomenal experience. The nearly 3-hour car-boat-4×4 trek was well worth it. Here’s how we got there from San Juan del Sur.

Finca Montania Sagrada on Valentine’s Day

Not much of a Valentine’s Day celebrator, but when your new friends from Nicaragua, Italy, Germany, California and Austin welcome you to Ometepe with love, dance and drink .. and maybe even a flower or two, you celebrate. Much love ❤️ Finca Montania Sagrada Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua February 14, 2017

Chillin’ in Little Canada

We are having a wonderful stay in San Juan del Sur. It’s nice just to relax and do nothing for a few days before heading to Isla de Ometepe for a bit more adventure. The town of San Juan del Sur itself can be summed up as “little Canada.” It’s a backpackers’ destination complete withContinue reading “Chillin’ in Little Canada”

Save a Dollar, See the World!

We never wrote anything about our February trip to Panamá. So we are sitting here in our hotel in Bogotá talking about how accessible the world can be if you make travel a priority – and you really don’t have to break the bank. We’ve heard the question many times: “How do you get toContinue reading “Save a Dollar, See the World!”

Our hike through the Monteverde Cloud Forest was incredible. Costa Rica

Our hike through the Monteverde Cloud Forest was incredible. Just as in Manuel Antonio, we got there when the park opened and had the trails to ourselves while everyone else waited for their guides by the entrance. This was one of the coolest nature walks I’ve ever experienced, even though it was too “cloudy” toContinue reading “Our hike through the Monteverde Cloud Forest was incredible. Costa Rica”

Playa Flamingo had a gorgeous beach. Costa Rica

Playa Flamingo had a gorgeous beach – perfect for walking and swimming. The beach resort had an amazing pool, complete with swim-up bar, and great ocean views from the restaurant (although, we preferred Coco Loco and Angelina’s for meals). Just a short drive down the beach (literally, we drove on the beach), we found PlayaContinue reading “Playa Flamingo had a gorgeous beach. Costa Rica”

Six Hours to Nowhere. Costa Rica

Today was a total failure, but they can’t all be perfect travel days, right?! After three days of relaxing on the beach, we were ready to put the 4-wheel drive to use and explore Palo Verde National Park – home to birds, monkeys, crocodiles and other Costa Rican critters. We carefully planned, consulted the concierge,Continue reading “Six Hours to Nowhere. Costa Rica”