Orchha, India

After a visit to the Taj Mahal in Agra, we made our way to the town of Orchha. While it was still hot, arid, and dusty, it was smaller and less crowded than the larger cities of Delhi and Jaipur. It reminded me much more of Southeast Asia. There were six beautiful palaces in Orchha,Continue reading “Orchha, India”

A Passage to India

Arriving in Delhi was a shock to to senses. The air was hot, thick, and smelled of burning wood. The streets were bustling with cars, tuk-tuks, pedestrians, cows, and trucks overflowing with unidentifiable cargo. The electrical wiring hung twisted and dangerous over the walkways. Chickens lay ill and stacked in their cages, and merchants soldContinue reading “A Passage to India”

From British Columbia to Bangkok to Bali

One of the most magical things to me is standing in the international terminal of an airport and looking at all the departures on the screen, knowing the world is at my fingertips. Some of the cities I’ve been to, and others are on my list. I watch each name sparkle and think of theContinue reading “From British Columbia to Bangkok to Bali”

What is it good for?: Stories of the Vietnam War

I remember the first time I truly understood what “war” meant. I was eight years old and went on a family trip to Washington, D.C. My mother was somewhat out of sorts and insisted that we visit the Vietnam War Memorial. I’m not sure what I was expecting of the memorial, but I was confusedContinue reading “What is it good for?: Stories of the Vietnam War”

It’s No Holiday in Cambodia

Until the last two days, our trek through Southeast Asia has been full of water-gun fights, blessings from Buddhist Monks, and cruises down the Mekong (and of course: cockroaches and squat toilets). Presently, our trip has taken a darker turn down the tumultuous road of this region’s violent past. This is a journey I haveContinue reading “It’s No Holiday in Cambodia”

Rolling on the River: A Journey through Laos

We crossed the border into Laos a few days ago. The border crossing was really interesting. First, we received our departure stamp from a little booth in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Next, we took a canoe across the river and receive our visas through the window of another small booth on the Laos side. We spentContinue reading “Rolling on the River: A Journey through Laos”

solo female traveler, part-time loner

I remember my first solo international flight to Rome. I was meeting up with a tour group at a hotel just outside of the city. I was so nervous to navigate my way from the airport to the hotel all alone in a foreign country where I didn’t speak the language. My dad gave meContinue reading “solo female traveler, part-time loner”