We ❤️ Roatan, Honduras! Here’s Why

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Roatan. The island is so beautiful, and the people were so kind. We tried out scuba diving for the first time and swam and snorkeled every day in the most outstanding waters. What a beautiful way to spend LiAnn’s 40th birthday!

We have a special place in our hearts for Central America, and Roatan was the very best for a relaxing holiday. Perhaps the only place that wowed us more for snorkeling was The Great Barrier Reef. But the snorkeling experience on Roatan was even better, overall, because you can just jump right in the water from the beach and immediately see some of the most amazing fish and coral. Snorkeling the GBR involved a 4-hour round-trip boat ride and intense, choppy waters! <but yeah, it was still one of the most amazing experiences of our lives>

West Bay is wonderful for swimming and snorkeling. West End is great for shopping, dining and having a sunset cocktail. But honestly, we loved the snorkeling and swimming in West End at Half Moon Bay, too. The underwater experience there was totally different than West Bay and definitely worth checking out.

We tend to prefer adventure trips to leisurely ones. In general, if you put us on a beach for a week, we’re totally bored and ready to move on after 3 nights. Not so on Roatan.

We usually like to explore new places rather than retrace our steps. But we already can’t wait to return to Roatan. It was really that perfect of a trip for us! ❤️🌎🦀🇭🇳🍹🌴🏊‍♀️🎒❤️

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