The final stop on the South American portion of my trip was Brazil’s capital city of Brasilia, which is known for it’s unique architectural designs, primarily created by Oscar Niemeyer. The city was very different from the other South American capitals I visited – with open spaces, lots of green parks, and of course, the very interesting buildings that had both a peculiar beauty and a 1960s flare. I happened to visit on Brasilia’s 53rd birthday, so there were lots of activities and celebrations in the city center.

The best part of Brasilia was spending time with my beautiful and gracious hostess, Ana, and her lovely family. Ana and I met on a previous trip through Asia. It was so nice to see her city, catch up, and have a local guide to all things Brasilia.

It’s been a wonderful trip! From the vineyards of Santiago, to the indescribable natural beauty of Northern Patagonia and Iguazu Falls, to the bustling cities of Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, to the lovely beach town of Paraty, to the fascinating civic tour and time spent with friends in Brasilia, this has truly been an amazing journey!

Somewhere over Brazil

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