Coffee, Sunshine, and a Great Wall

This morning the sun was out, the air was warm, and the smog lifted. It made Beijing a much nicer place! And on our way to the wall, I was able to get a real cappuccino. Seriously, am I most excited about a good cup of coffee? Oh the little things. I was warm, caffeinated, and happy on today’s journey!

The Great Wall of China was one of the most phenomenal things I’ve ever experienced. Even if everything else on this trip is disappointing (which it won’t be), the trip was well worth it just to walk along the wall. It left me breathless (literally and figuratively). From what I am told, we had a very rare clear day today. I’d much rather have fog in Vancouver and a clear day at the wall! I nearly cried because it was overwhelmingly beautiful, and I felt so grateful to have the health and opportunity to be there at one of the most amazing places in the world. Words and pictures just cannot describe it, so just go and see it!

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